EZ-Filla Model 2SB Dual Syringe Filler

The EZ-FillaTM Model 2SB syringe filling system, the simple, economical solution for void free, guaranteed equal fillingMixPacTM Double Syringe Example of both sides of a dual syringe. The semi-automatic EZ-Filla Model 2SB is primarily designed for accurate filling  of dual (2-component) syringes, both sides simultaneously. It is also ideally suited to filling two single syringes or machine ready barrels, and small single or dual cartridges that can be nozzle filled. This system is particularly useful for low quantity production or where frequent material change out is required.

The core design criterion of the EZ-Filla Model 2SB was to overcome the unequal filling of the two barrels of a dual syringe. Since dual syringes are typically not transparent, visual validation is not an option. Unless the fill level of each barrel is individually controlled, there is no guarantee that both sides have been equally filled. It’s left up to your customer to complain when it happens.

Individual fill sensors for each barrel, so equal filling is guaranteed.
Caters to dual and single syringes and cartridges, as well as machine ready syringe barrels, possibly avoiding the need for separate single and dual syringe filling systems.
Nozzle filling so no need, after each fill, to insert pistons with the associated need to bleed excess air. This also ensures that fills are void free.
Solid, threaded collar adjustable stop for repeatable accuracy.
Suck back valves to prevent dripping and drooling from the filled syringe and cross contamination at the nozzle block.
Swap-able wetted parts for quick changeover and easy cleanup. If the type of fluid allows, the cartridge and tubing can be cleaned for repeat use, or used to store the fluid for future runs.
MixPacDualEDMnozzlePlus StandardSyringes MachineReadySyringe

The EZ-Filla Model 2SB has been designed with two configurations to cater to a wide range of fluid viscosities.

Viscosity LevelFluid Force
Lower ViscositiesPneumatic Only
Higher ViscositiesPneumatic Driven Linear Peristaltic Action


Pneumatically driven (up to ~100psi needed) - no electricity or electronics.
Models for low (pneumatic operation only) to high (pneumatic and linear peristaltic operation) viscosity materials.
Dual pressurized cartridge reservoirs, or one for filling single syringes and machine ready barrels with the same material.
Foot switch operated.
Adjustable fill levels, separate sensor controlled fill for each barrel.
Wetted consumables, e.g. tubing/flow path, disposable or reusable depending on material.
* 0.5-60ml syringes (e.g. dual MIXPACTM, single Baxa ExactamedTM and BD)
* Luer Lock, Luer Slip, oral and topical syringes
* Machine ready syringe barrels.

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