EZ-Filla Model 1SB Single Syringe Filler

The EZ-FillaTM Model 1SB syringe filling system, the simple, economical solution for void free filling of single syringes and machine ready barrels and small single cartridges that can be nozzle filled. The EZ-Filla is suitable for the producer during R&D, for small batches being produced as samples. Suitable for aseptic process in laboratories. Its quick changeover feature makes it particularly suitable for a manufacturer producing low volumes of numerous products.

Caters to single syringes and cartridges, as well as machine ready syringe barrels.
Nozzle filling so no need, after each fill, to insert pistons with the associated need to bleed excess air. This also ensures that fills are void free.
Solid, threaded collar adjustable stop for repeatable accuracy.
Suck back valves to prevent dripping and drooling from the filled syringe and cross contamination at the nozzle block.
Swap-able wetted parts for quick changeover and easy cleanup. If the type of fluid allows, the cartridge and tubing can be cleaned for repeat use, or used to store the fluid for future runs.
Small footprint facilitates desk top use when space is limited.
Electric option for when an air compressor is not possible, or not preferred.
MachineReadySyringe StandardSyringes

As a standard it is provided with a Luer nozzle adapter but can be ordered to accept virtually any type of common syringe. A wide range of syringe types and sizes, micro-liters to 60cc can be handled. Larger sizes can be catered for.

Pneumatically driven, pressurized cartridge (up to ~100psi needed) - no electricity or electronics (BUT, electric is an option if needed).
Handles fluids up to about 150,000 cps, depending on properties of the material.
Foot switch operated.
Adjustable fill levels.
Wetted consumables, e.g. tubing/flow path, disposable or reusable depending on material.
Small footprint of 12" X 12".
* 0.5-60ml syringes (e.g. Baxa ExactamedTM and BD)
* Luer Lock, Luer Slip, oral and topical syringes
* Machine ready syringe barrels.

1SB_10ml syringe_frontNoHandSwitch