Filling Equipment

When you want to do it yourself, look to us as a source for EZ-FillaTM solutions:

  • low volume, short run appropriate, manual and semi-automatic filling equipment – e.g. air powered dual/single and machine ready syringe & cartridge fillers (with an emphasis on reusable/disposable consumables, simple/quick/clean changeovers, accurate/consistent/void free fills with adjustable fill levels) and piston inserter options;
  • custom designs and solutions, from manual to fully automatic, robotic operations.

EZ-Filla Model 2SB Dual & Single Syringe Filler
EZ-Filla Model 1SB Single Syringe Filler

Filling syringes quickly when run lengths are too short to warrant fully automatic machinery is a continual problem. Our syringe fillers overcome the following problems typically encountered when a syringe is filled.

PROBLEMS OVERCOME: The amount of fill is either controlled by eyeball, time and pressure, or positive displacement – eyeball has the obvious problems of accuracy, time/pressure is feed and viscosity dependent, and positive displacement requires involved clean-up, and in the case of abrasive materials, high wear rates and potential contamination.

Our EZ-Filla syringe and future cartridge filling systems are either manual (the operator retains pressure on the cycle switch until the fill cycle is complete) or semi-automatic (the operator presses and immediately releases the cycle switch). Features of our units include:

Accurate, consistent fills;
Simple, quick and clean changeover;
Adjustable fill levels;
Completed syringes and cartridges without voids.

Contact us to find out just how effective we can be; we are the filling equipment professionals.

Engineering consulting: Our problem solving philosophy focuses on the development of specialized dispense and filling techniques for a particular application or specifying equipment produced by multiple companies if this presents the best solution to your problem. Either through the use of existing components and units, or the development of a custom solution, you gain the benefit of working with a company that meets your needs when others can’t by solving intricate engineering problems.

Project Management: We apply a rigorous, PMP managed project management methodology during the design, manufacture, assembly and testing processes. If we are a part of a total solution, you have access to our expertise to manage the whole process.